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SystemsGo alumni include the Flight Director for the Mars Rover, the first woman to pilot a nuclear submarine, and the Lead Engineer for Space-X. They work in industry, higher education, government, and law, using skills they learned in the program–not only math, engineering, science, and technology, but also teamwork, analysis, and pursuing goals.

Scott Kesseler

Scott Kesseler

  • Former Brazoswood student, now at Texas A&M University
  • Starship Launch Intern at SpaceX down in Boca Chica, TX

“I really attribute my success at SpaceX to my experience in the Goddard Rocketry Program. It was then that I first started learning technical skills and real world applications that enabled me to jump right into action at SpaceX. Brazoswood’s Goddard Program gives high school students an experience unlike any other, and I’m incredibly thankful for how much it has helped me since graduation.”

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Aaron Daniel

Aaron Daniel

  • Texas A&M University, B.S. Aerospace Engineering
  • F-35 Aeronautical Engineer, Lockheed Martin

“I am not sure if I would have pursued Aerospace Engineering or be on my current career path if not for SystemsGo.”

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Eric Hembling

Eric Hembling

  • United States Air Force Academy/BSc in Aeronautical Engineering and Applied Mathematics/2Lt USAF
  • Graduate Student in Department of Engineering Science at University of Oxford researching Hypersonic Aerodynamics
  • I would love to combine my two passions for engineering and flight as a USAF test pilot one day if given the opportunity

“I believe SystemsGo was a program that changed the trajectory of my life and career.”

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Rebekah Sosland Siegfriedt

• Flight Director for the Mars Rover Opportunity
• University of Texas at Austin – Aerospace Engineering
• Recipient of the Women in Engineering Champion Award and The Presidential Leadership Award for the University of Texas

“Taking SystemsGO while in high school was the smartest thing I have ever done. The quality of education I received would be hard to find even at the college level. The fact that the program was mostly project-based learning allowed me to get experience with math, science, and communication that I used in college and in my career as an engineer.”

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Lauren Carr

• First female to pilot nuclear sub
• U.S. Naval Academy, Mechanical Engineering
• Managing Engineer for windfarms

“SystemsGo helped provide me the skills and prepare me for the rigors and demands put upon me at the naval academy. I still apply the problem-solving skills that I learned in high school at my present job.”

Jake Neu

• Patent Attorney–Bradley Arant Boult Cummings, LLP
• Rice University, Mechanical Engineering
• Law School, Vanderbilt University

“While I always enjoyed math and science, the rocket program was the best program for taking that interest and make it into a career. The skills I learned through the STEM Program, such as basic calculation and computer skills, problem-solving, collaborative teamwork, experimental research and testing, and interacting with professional engineers in real-world settings, provided an invaluable foundation for my studies in mechanical engineering and law. The program also gave me the confidence to tackle any issue with the confidence that a practical solution could be found. And most importantly, it stoked an interest in the operation of the world and the machines we have made in it, a wonder that has only grown in my current practice as a patent attorney, where I now have the opportunity to work with today’s scientists, inventors, and entrepreneurs to take their discoveries and innovations from the lab to the boardroom.”

Joshua Jung

• Lead Engineer Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX)
• B.S. Aerospace Engineering, Purdue University

“SystemsGo ignited my interest in high power rocketry. Through both technical and hands-on experience, it gave me the capability and eagerness to pursue a career in Aerospace. I am currently employed by Space Exploration Technologies. At SpaceX, I am the lead test engineer for the Falcon 1 Rocket’s engine and structures, I am the lead engineer in the design and build of the Falcon 5/9 test stands, and I am responsible for flight propellant loading and propulsion monitoring. I can undeniably say that I would not be where I am today without SystemsGo.”

Cassie Pate

• Purdue University: BS, Nuclear Engineering
• Grad School: International Relations and Diplomacy; Paris, France

“SystemsGo gave me a good foundation in math and science, and it definitely helped in problem-solving. Presenting at the AIAA conference and NASA for the grant proposal helped a lot with confidence too.”

Keegan Dale

• United States Air Force Academy
• B.S. Computer Science
• USAF Pilot

“SystemsGo helped me a lot in my core Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering classes at the Air Force Academy. A good deal of the information that was covered in both of those classes was a lot of review from high school. It also helped me out in the other core engineering classes I took (mech., civil, electrical, etc.) as it gave me a great basis on how to learn in the engineering class environment.”

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