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Rockets “go for launch” in 2021

“All systems are go” once again as SystemsGo resumes the countdown for Rockets 2021 at three launch sites across Texas.

(Effective April 20, 2021, subject to change)

After canceling the 2020 launches due to the Covid-19 impact on schools, the Fredericksburg-based nonprofit STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) program has scheduled the following launch dates:

April 22, 23, 2021
North Texas/Jack County

Rockets2021-North Texas Day 1
Rockets2021-North Texas Day 2

April 29, 30 (canceled), May 1, 2, 2021
Central Texas/Stonewall

Rockets2021-Central Texas Day 1
Rockets2021-Central Texas Day 2
Rockets2021-Central Texas Day 3

May 6, 7, 8, 2021
Southeast Texas/Smith Point

Rockets2021-Southeast Texas Day 1
Rockets2021-Southeast Texas Day 2
Rockets2021-Southeast Texas Day 3

May 11, 12, 13, 14, 2021
Jal, New Mexico

New Mexico Rocket Livestream
(Note: This link is managed by SystemsGo New Mexico)

Students from 42 high schools will launch up to 150 rockets in Texas (more in New Mexico).

Rockets 2021 is the culminating event for the SystemsGo program, in which high school students design, build, and launch rockets designed to loft a one-pound payload one mile high, or exceed the speed of sound.

COVID mitigation procedures will be in place and strictly enforced at all sites, according to organizers. Safety procedures include smaller working teams for participating students, socially distant workstations, no group food concessions, controlled flow in and out of the sites, temperature checks, frequent sanitizing handwashing procedures, and face coverings.

County Judges in Jack, Gillespie, and Chambers counties approved SystemsGo’s request to host an outdoor event involving more than 10 people. In order to reduce the number of people on each launch site, and to better comply with CDC guidelines and local county policies, the public will not be allowed access to the preparation or launch sites as in previous years. There are no exceptions, including no admittance for family members or non-participating classmates.

Plans are in place to livestream the event, weather and internet access permitting. Students and teachers are encouraged to use their personal video devices to record the experience for sharing with family and schoolmates.

Information and updates on the launches will be posted online at www.systemsgo.org, as well as on social media:

Facebook: SystemsGoNews
Twitter: SystemsGoNews
Email: info@systemsgo.org
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