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Launch dates announced for Rockets2022

“All systems are go” as SystemsGo resumes the countdown for Rockets 2022 at launch sites across Texas and New Mexico:

April 26-28, 2022
Jal, New Mexico

April 28-29, 2022
North Texas/Jack County

May 5-7, 2022
Southeast Texas/Smith Point

May 12-14, 2022
Central Texas/Stonewall

Weather contingency days are the day immediately following the last scheduled launch day at each site.

As the launch dates approach, SystemsGo will release more information about which schools will participate at each site. It is also hoped that once again public access to the launches will be restored, pending the status of COVID mitigation at the time. Plans are to livestream the event, weather and internet access permitting.

Rockets is the culminating event for the SystemsGo program, in which high school students design, build, and launch rockets designed to loft a one-pound payload one mile high, or exceed the speed of sound.

Information and updates on the launches will be posted online at www.systemsgo.org, as well as on social media:

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