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“One of my key educational goals is ensuring that Texas students have the science, technology and math education that makes them competitive in the global market place. The Fredericksburg Education Initiative is a first step toward meeting this goal because it will help prepare our teachers for this exciting and challenging opportunity.”
Rick Perry, Former Governor of Texas

“We welcome the opportunity to support and encourage our youth of today to pursue careers in the Science and Engineering fields, and this type of program is a very good “hands-in” approach.”
William F. Engel, Brigadier General, US Army Commanding General

“These young students of yours are being provided opportunities that, unfortunately, too few young people get. The opportunity to not only learn about science and space, but to experience the joy and the thrill of turning this learning into a real vehicle and watching that vehicle soar. Those are the kinds of experiences that will stay with these students forever and will lead them to continue the education they need to become the scientists and engineers of tomorrow.”
Daniel S. Goldin, Administrator, NASA

“Your work and that of your pupils is something to be very proud of and I am happy to be able to say it is a part of the Texas public education system.”
Mike Jackson, State Senator, District 11

“Mr. Speaker, I rise today to point this out to my colleagues here in the House. I hope that the good citizens throughout the 11th Congressional District of Texas and throughout the United States will recognize these accomplishments, will look for their own communities to say: We have some kids that are as bright and as smart as these kids in Fredericksburg, Texas; I wonder why we cannot beat their record, why we cannot put a 35-pound payload 100,000 feet into the air and recover it intact. It is a great accomplishment that is going on in Fredericksburg, Texas.”
Mike Conaway, US Congressman

“This project (Redbird 1) is everything our constituents are telling us they want in schools.”
Senator Jeff Wentworth

“This program is awesome! The students are more engaged and more excited about this class than any other class they’re in. They are learning new ways to think, how to solve problems and overcome failures and much, much more. It’s great to see their enthusiasm for this project.“
Tom Parish, Hamilton High School, Hamilton, Texas

“One of the highlights of my career will be going to White Sands Missile Range with the Alamo Heights High School students. It was an amazing experience, and one that neither the students nor I will ever forget.”
Dr. Kevin Brown, Superintendent of Schools, Alamo Heights ISD

“Your program influences your students at the age when they need to make some critical decisions in their life and getting them to consider engineering and specializing in rocket propulsion is very important to our industry.”
Lee Meyer, Vice President Marketing, Aerojet General Corporation

“Your summer launch is a shining example that ‘What Texans can dream, Texans can do.’ The future of our state and nation depends on young people becoming active and involved citizens and you are off to a great start.”
George W. Bush, Governor of Texas, President of the United States

“I believe that your program serves as a catalyst for academic growth and teamwork skills that are essential to our Nation’s future workforce. Our country needs more students and educators pursuing science, technology, engineering and mathematics to protect our security and our way of life.”
A.G. Stephenson, Director, George C. Marshall Space Flight Center

“What Brett is doing is great and I’d strongly encourage other programs like his elsewhere, we need to make engineering interesting to students and this is a great way to do it.”
Elon Musk, President Space Exploration Technologies

“After being involved in numerous research programs and working in the sciences field for several years I can only say, what a class act, and this is a High School program!!! WOW, I came away with a genuine respect and admiration, and not so much about the rockets, but the environment that I was experiencing, the energy in the students and their overall attitude. I have to say, the level of professionalism I witnessed was top notch.

Consider me another advocate, thanks again.”

“I love watching the students make decisions like should a circuit be series or parallel or should we build a catapult or a ballista. As teachers, too often we make the decisions for our students. The engineering program doesn’t just ask students to make decisions, it teaches them how to make them. Even if they don’t go into a STEM field, that skill, the ability to make decisions for themselves, may be the most valuable skill they learn.”
Randall Presley Lamesa High School, Lamesa, Texas

“Your testimony caused the education conversations of our commission to catch fire. We feel the energy and commitment that you and your students devote to your studies. Furthermore, we see those efforts paying large dividends to our country. We salute you and wish you only the best.”
The Honorable Edward C. “Pete” Aldridge, Jr. – Chairman, Commission on Moon, Mars and Beyond

“The knowledge and experience you have gained from your class work and flight is invaluable as you continue your education. Congratulations on breaking the sound barrier!”
Lamar Smith, Member of Congress

“Your work in supporting the students of tomorrow is unsurpassed in the ranks of high school science teachers. Your rocket design and flight program has and continues to positively influence students to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). It has been said, “The launch of a rocket does not begin at the launch pad, but rather at the classroom door.” You are demonstrating the meaning of that statement to all who observe your program.”
Art Stephenson, Special Assistant to the NASA Associate Administrator for Education

“You are to be commended for your efforts in teaching the youth of Texas. Good luck with your program and with future efforts in education and technology.”
Robert L. Crippen, President, Thiokol Propulsion, a division of Cordant Technologies, Inc.

“I was just flabbergasted with how sharp those students were…they sounded like college engineers about to graduate.”
Jerry Berg, NASA MSFC

“…the most advanced high school rocketry program in the nation.”
Congressman Lamar Smith

“Lifted by a fiery blast, Redbird 1 soared through a bright blue sky Wednesday, blazing a new trail for technology-based education in Texas. …their efforts have placed Fredericksburg High at the forefront of aerospace technology among Texas high schools”.
Kevin Wishard, Austin American Statesman

“…and say thank you to the organization (SystemsGo) for giving me and our school the tools and inspiration to implement something so profoundly impactful to our students. Loving it every day!”
Jordan Slavish, Yamhill Carlton High School, Yamhill, Oregon