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Download a packet with all the information you need to start a SystemsGo program in your school.
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Ready to find out more about how to start the SystemsGo program in your school?

We have everything you need.

We provide the fully-articulated 4-year STEM curriculum, teacher training, classroom support, launch support at three sites, and a source to order all materials and supplies.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have. You can call the office at (830) 997-3567 or send an email to info@systemsgo.org.

We look forward to you becoming a part of the SystemsGo family!

[Opportunity! Are you a Texas High School in an area around Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, or Kingsville? You might qualify for a STEM startup grant from The Boeing Company! Follow this link for details. Effective January 2019]

Get Started! Download complete Packet of Materials, or click on individual files below.
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Program Flyer (Overview) 1 Flyer.1704.pdf

STEM Endorsement Information 2 STEM Endorsement.1709.pdf

Principles of Applied Engineering 3 PAE 1709.pdf

AutoCAD 4 AutoCAD Synopsis – SS.pdf

Tsiolskovsky Level 5 Tsiolkovsky.1806.pdf

Oberth Level 6 Oberth.1704.pdf

Goddard Level 7 Goddard.1709.pdf

Program Costs 8 SystemsGo 2018-2019 Costs 0118.pdf

How to become a SystemsGo School 9 How to become an SG school.pdf