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Aaron Daniel

High School where you took SystemsGo courses: Kingwood High School, Kingwood Texas

Year of graduation: 2015

University/Degrees/Military Career/Other:
Texas A&M University, B.S. Aerospace Engineering

Current Employment:
F-35 Aeronautical Engineer, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, Fort Worth, TX
I work in F-35 Test & Evaluation

Most special SystemsGo memory or experience:
I had a great time throughout the entire year working with other students, developing more interest in the aerospace industry, gaining what was really my first software/tool experience with RockSim

In what ways did SystemsGo influence/guide/help you in your career?
Before participating in SystemsGo, I was mostly looking at attending smaller schools or pursuing a liberal arts degree. I am not sure if I would have pursued Aerospace Engineering as a degree or be on my current career path if not for SystemsGo and my high school chemistry/aerospace teacher, Louis Mascolo.

Life pursuits?
I was active in music in high school (choir – All State and band) and continued pursuing music with the Texas A&M University Singing Cadets in my five years at Texas A&M. I had amazing opportunities to perform hundreds of times, sing for former U.S. Presidents, and travel throughout Texas, the U.S. and even went to Europe a couple times with this group.

Family Members:
I am engaged to be married next spring and my soon-to-be-wife will be starting medical school in the fall.

Anything else you want people to know about you and SystemsGo?
A couple relevant experiences I’ve had worth mentioning…

  1. NASASocial: In high school I participated in the first NASASocial #StateofNASA event at Johnson Space Center in Houston. I applied for some media credentials for the event and for some reason they accepted me… I was given great tours of JSC led by engineers and astronauts.
  2. TAMU AERO: For my senior design project, my team designed, built, and flew an RC plane. Students have the option to choose between rockets, planes, or space, but I wanted to do a hands-on project and chose planes since I had already done rockets in high school. This really drove home to me how valuable the experience in SystemsGo was. Designing and building this plane was a more complicated task but I was able to use a lot of the skills I gained from SystemsGo years before.

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