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Our Mission:

To enhance education for better workforce development and to ignite tomorrow’s innovators.

Our Goal:

To promote engineering studies and research, develop work-force skills, and encourage students to enter academic and career paths in STEM fields that lead to careers in the engineering industries.



Mission Accomplished

Lauren Carr

• First female to pilot nuclear sub
• U.S. Naval Academy, Mechanical Engineering
• Managing Engineer for windfarms

“SystemsGo helped provide me the skills and prepare me for the rigors and demands put upon me at the naval academy. I still apply the problem-solving skills that I learned in high school at my present job.”

Rebekah Sosland Siegfriedt

• Flight Director for the Mars Rover Opportunity
• University of Texas at Austin – Aerospace Engineering
• Recipient of the Women in Engineering Champion Award and The Presidential Leadership Award for the University of Texas

“Taking SystemsGO while in high school was the smartest thing I have ever done. The quality of education I received would be hard to find even at the college level. The fact that the program was mostly project-based learning allowed me to get experience with math, science, and communication that I used in college and in my career as an engineer.”

Jake Neu

• Patent Attorney–Bradley Arant Boult Cummings, LLP
• Rice University, Mechanical Engineering
• Law School, Vanderbilt University

“While I always enjoyed math and science, the rocket program was the best program for taking that interest and make it into a career. The skills I learned through the STEM Program, such as basic calculation and computer skills, problem-solving, collaborative teamwork, experimental research and testing, and interacting with professional engineers in real-world settings, provided an invaluable foundation for my studies in mechanical engineering and law. The program also gave me the confidence to tackle any issue with the confidence that a practical solution could be found. And most importantly, it stoked an interest in the operation of the world and the machines we have made in it, a wonder that has only grown in my current practice as a patent attorney, where I now have the opportunity to work with today’s scientists, inventors, and entrepreneurs to take their discoveries and innovations from the lab to the boardroom.”

Joshua Jung

• Lead Engineer Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX)
• B.S. Aerospace Engineering, Purdue University

“SystemsGo ignited my interest in high power rocketry. Through both technical and hands-on experience, it gave me the capability and eagerness to pursue a career in Aerospace. I am currently employed by Space Exploration Technologies. At SpaceX, I am the lead test engineer for the Falcon 1 Rocket’s engine and structures, I am the lead engineer in the design and build of the Falcon 5/9 test stands, and I am responsible for flight propellant loading and propulsion monitoring. I can undeniably say that I would not be where I am today without SystemsGo.”

Cassie Pate

• Purdue University: BS, Nuclear Engineering
• Grad School: International Relations and Diplomacy; Paris, France

“SystemsGo gave me a good foundation in math and science, and it definitely helped in problem-solving. Presenting at the AIAA conference and NASA for the grant proposal helped a lot with confidence too.”

Keegan Dale

• United States Air Force Academy
• B.S. Computer Science
• USAF Pilot

“SystemsGo helped me a lot in my core Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering classes at the Air Force Academy. A good deal of the information that was covered in both of those classes was a lot of review from high school. It also helped me out in the other core engineering classes I took (mech., civil, electrical, etc.) as it gave me a great basis on how to learn in the engineering class environment.”

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