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rocket launch

Oct 24, 2022

SystemsGo, the award-winning high school STEM program based in Fredericksburg, Texas, has announced the launch dates for its four launch sites in Texas and New Mexico.

They are:

Jal, New Mexico–April 24-26

North Texas/Jack County–April 27-28

Central Texas/Stonewall–May 4-6

Southeast Texas/Smith Point–May 11-12

Weather contingency days are the day immediately following the last scheduled launch day at each site.

Launches follow no fixed schedule. Rockets will go up during all daylight hours, in the order they are certified prepared for launch and recovery.

The public is admitted free, but will be required to register in advance and sign a waiver acknowledging that they are entering a test site on undeveloped ranch land with launching of student-built sounding rockets. Limited facilities and amenities will be available, and traffic access will be controlled to accommodate launch and recovery.

Launches will be livestreamed.

Directions, dates, times, participating schools, ticket links, and livestream access will be available closer to launch dates at systemsgo.org.

Rockets2023 is the annual culminating event for the SystemsGo program, in which high school students design, build, and launch rockets designed to loft a one-pound payload one mile high, or exceed the speed of sound. The program was developed at Fredericksburg High School and is now active in Texas, New Mexico, Oregon, Colorado, and Abu Dhabi, UAE.

This summer, students in the SystemsGo program in Brazoswood High School set a new world record for altitude, reaching 45,482 feet Above Ground Level (AGL) at White Sands Missile Range.