Save The Date for Rockets 2017

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It is that time of year when our students get to test the rockets they have spent the year working through their design and build process. The dates for Rockets 2017, by venue, are as follows:

Apr 27–New Mexico (Jal/Hobbs) launch – Schedule (pdf)

May 12-14–Southeast Texas (Houston area) launch – Schedule (pdf)

May 18-21–Central Texas (Willow City/Fredericksburg) launch – Schedule (pdf)

Jun 26-30–White Sands Missile Range (Tentative – pending final range scheduling)

Please join us again in providing a first class launch opportunity for our students!

tickets_admit_onePre-Registration will be required for site access. It is FREE. Go HERE and choose event. One ticket good for all days at each launch site.

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Release Feb 15, 2017

Contact: Christy Glass, 830-997-3567

SystemsGo sets rocket launch dates for 2017


SystemsGo Program


SystemsGo has set the dates for Rockets 2017, when students from high schools across New Mexico and Texas launch their rockets over one-mile high and beyond the speed of sound.


New Mexico Launch: Thursday, April 27, 2017

Houston Launch: Friday–Friday, May 12–Sunday, May 14, 2017

Fredericksburg Launch: Thursday, May 18–Sunday, May 21, 2017

Rockets launched all day. Schedules vary due to weather, student readiness, and other variables.


New Mexico Launch: In vicinity of Jal/Hobbs, New Mexico

Houston Launch: South of Anahuac, Fire Station and launch site near Smith Point, Texas

Fredericksburg Launch: Fire Station & Stewart’s Hillview Ranch, located north of Fredericksburg in Willow City, Texas


The SystemsGo Aeroscience program started in Fredericksburg High School in 1996 under the direction of teacher Brett Williams. The innovative SystemsGo Studies science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) curriculum uses inquisitive learning based on a problem and project-based model to invoke and stimulate skills in design, development, testing, analysis, and innovation.

The student teams design and build 8-foot tall rockets that will go up from one of six launch towers. First-year students attempt to send a one-pound payload one mile high. Second-generation projects send rockets past the speed of sound.


Visit for information and directions.

All launches are open to the public and free.

However, all attendees must sign a waiver for access to the site. Go HERE and select site. (Access if free)

Passes can be obtained online in advance (preferred) or at the gate. • • 830-997-3567


Launches will be streamed live online. Visit for links.


Embry-Riddle offers $5000 Scholarship for SystemsGo graduates

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Bezos Family Foundation awards grant to SystemsGo rocket program

Nov 28, 2016–The Bezos Family Foundation has awarded a grant to SystemsGo, the Fredericksburg, Texas-based nonprofit organization that provides curricula and training in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education to students in Texas and New Mexico high schools. “These funds are a blessing for SystemsGo,” said Scott Netherland, Executive Director of SystemsGo. “We are… Continue Reading

Rebekah Hyatt joins SystemsGo

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Eight teachers train for SystemsGo program

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Rockets 2016

Rockets 2016

News     Time for Rockets 2016! Here’s the scoop…     Willow City launch dates: May 12, 2016–May 15, 2016     Houston launch dates: May 21, 2016–May 22, 2016     Schedule of Launches (Excel File download) Pre-Registration Required for Willow City Launch Site Access (no access at Houston site) Get FREE ticket here! Continue Reading