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Every year local businesses step up to provide us with “in kind” help in staging our multiple-day launch events. As SystemsGo grows and adds schools, students, and numbers of rockets to be launched, this assistance becomes more important than ever. We recognize the investment in time and resources these organizations and many others invest on our behalf, and we would like to thank them profusely for continuing to do so.

Every year Rebekah Hyatt, Program Director, and Scott Netherland, Exec. Director, visit these businesses and present a Certificate of Appreciation. Here are some of this year’s supporters for the Fredericksburg/Willow City launch site:

Stroeher & Olfers
L-R: Roy Stroeher, Rebekah Hyatt, Betty Olfers, Scott Netherland, Steve Olfers

Rebekah Hyatt; Susan Helm, Office Manager (holding Office Mascot Gypsy); Barbara Usener, Asst. Office Manager; Scott Netherland

Class A Rentals
Scott Netherland, Tracy and Claudine Clark, Rebekah Hyatt


Rebekah Hyatt, Justin Gellman, Scott Netherland


Vogel Tractors
Scott Netherland, Jamey Vogel, Rebekah Hyatt


Bee Creek Internet