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Sept 20, 2020–SystemsGo, the education non-profit founded in Fredericksburg, TX, is introducing its high school STEM curriculum to Colorado during World Space Week with an educational event at the Space Foundation in Colorado Springs on October 3.

Rebekah Hyatt, Program Director, and former student Dot Walch of Fredericksburg will present a program on the innovative science curriculum that uses rocketry to reinforce 21st Century Skills in high schools in five states.

“SystemsGo is committed to reaching as many students as possible with our program,” said Scott Netherland, Executive Director. “The Space Foundation is equally in pursuit of motivating students to enter STEM disciplines and to prepare our workforce for jobs in the space enterprise. We hope this will draw great participation among schools along the front range in Colorado, and develop into a significant number of high schools in Colorado sharing our goals of equipping students for the workforce of the 21st century.”

During the school year, the students design and build rockets intended to achieve a variety of design goals including: (1) one-pound payload to one mile, (2) achieve transonic flight under 13,000 feet, and (3) take a research payload to 80,000 to 100,000 feet. After foundational instruction in applied physics and the energy systems – mechanical, electrical, thermal and fluids, students are given a goal, a budget, and a timeline to complete the project.

SystemsGo has long been endorsed by The Space Foundation, the world’s premier organization to inspire, educate, connect, and advocate on behalf of the global space community. The session will be hosted at they Colorado Springs headquarters, and will be followed by a guided tour of their Discovery Center.

Information on SystemsGo is at www.systemsgo.org

Information on the Space Foundation can be found at www.spacefoundation.org

Information on World Space Week is at www.worldspaceweek.org