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Mar 23, 2020–Rockets•2020, the SystemsGo event where students from high schools across New Mexico and Texas launch rockets they design and build, has been postponed due to the current uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 situation in schools.

The original launch dates were scheduled in April and early May at four launch sites in New Mexico/Jal, North Texas/Jack County, Central Texas/Stonewall, and Southeast Texas/Smith Point.

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“Given the current CDC guidelines for community events, and with school cancellations across the state, students would be delayed in prepping their rockets for launch on the originally scheduled dates,” said Scott Netherland, Executive Director. “Therefore, the original launch dates for all sites have been postponed.”

Contingency dates have been tentatively scheduled in May for all sites, but a final decision will be made after feedback from participating schools and updated guidelines from controlling authorities. The rescheduled dates will be posted at www.systemsgo.org and on social media.

“We are continuing to monitor the situation and remain in close contact with participating schools,” Netherland said. “If further delays or cancellations are called for, we will advise when that time comes.”

SystemsGo is a STEM program designed for students to learn 21st Century workplace skills in a project-based program where they design, build, and launch rockets. The student teams design vehicles to meet specific criteria, such as sending a one-pound payload one mile high or passing the sound barrier.

The office can be contacted by calling 830-997-3567 or emailing info@systemsgo.org.