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check-markSystemsGo Participants!

In order to gather useful data on the effectiveness of our program, we are asking students and teachers to complete specific surveys. Please read carefully to determine which survey or surveys you need to fill out.

If you have questions, contact Dr. Hansel Burley, HANSEL.BURLEY@ttu.edu

Below are the links for students.

  1. The first is the usual evaluation survey. This one is for students only.
  2. The second is the alumni association feasibility survey. This is for current and former students.
  3. The third is for the student follow–up permission survey. It is for students only.  It has two parts. If the student is 18, we request contact information. If the student is 17 or younger, a parent must give permission. The survey asks for parent contact information so they can be sent a link.

Teachers are being sent a separate link to a teacher questionnaire.

All of these surveys should work on mobile devices.

We appreciate you participating in these surveys, so that we can continue to improve our programs and collect information on the effectiveness of SystemsGo.

Main Evaluation (Current students only)


Alum survey (Current and former students)


Follow–up Survey (Current students only)