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Sept 1, 2019–Teachers were busy over the summer training to lead classes in the SystemsGo rocketry program this fall, according to Rebekah Hyatt, Program Director. Training sessions for 17 teachers from 15 high schools were held in Roswell NM, Fredericksburg TX, and via webinar.

Training covered those starting new programs, those replacing existing staff, and those adding another level of instruction in the 4-year STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) curriculum.

“It is always inspiring to lead teachers through SystemGo’s project-based method of instruction,” said Hyatt, who lead the training with Doug Underwood, Regional Coordinator. “Using the method of questioning as opposed to giving answers to students is quite a paradigm shift for many teachers. With our training we get teachers to experience this first hand so they gain a deeper understanding of how it increases accountability and ownership.”

The training is provided with partial support from The Boeing Company.

SystemsGo uses project-based instruction to teach STEM and workplace skills. Students progress from drafting, CAD, and engineering design, to building and launching rockets. The goal at the Tsiolkovsky Level is for rockets to loft a one-pound payload one mile high. The goal at the Oberth Level is to design and build a vehicle that reaches the speed of sound. Advanced students travel to White Sands Missile Range to attempt to reach 100,000 feet while carrying a scientific payload.

The program is now offered at 78 high schools in four states, with rockets launched from four sites in Texas and New Mexico. SystemsGo students now work for NASA, the Department of Defense, SpaceX, and other private sector aerospace and engineering firms.

Information on starting a program or supporting the nonprofit organization is available at www.systemsgo.org, 830-997-3567, info@systemsgo.org.

Tsiolkovsky Training, Fredericksburg TX, Summer 2019
L-R: Henry Perez, Victoria West
Chieu Tran, Booker T Washington
Rebecca Mondesir, Milby HS
Matt Catchings, Scurry-Rosser
Joselito Pilarta, Summer Creek HS
Doug Underwood, Trainer, SystemsGo Trainer
Julieta Banuelas, Fabens
Maria Lopez, New Tech Odessa
Brent Huggins, Liberty
Rebekah Hyatt, SystemsGo Program Director

Oberth Training, Fredericksburg TX, Summer 2019
Standing in back:
Doug Underwood, Trainer, SystemsGo Trainer; Rebekah Hyatt, SystemsGo Program Director
Back Row: Cheryl Clark from Victoria West, Brandon Bowen from Georgetown, Glen Taylor from Kingwood Park, Lance Lyles from Petrolia
Front row: Chieu Tran from Booker T Washington, Andrew Maxwell from Decatur, Jesus Suarez from Milby High School, and Brent Huggins from Liberty.
Not pictured: Vivek Ghonasgi from Kermit; Samantha Kennedy from Gary.

Tsiolkovsky Training on Aug 24-27, 2019, Fredericksburg TX James Hopper, Clayton Municipal Schools, Clayton NM, SystemsGo New Mexico Charlie Tang, Northwest High School, Northwest ISD