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Stroeher & Olfers: Scott Netherland, Roy Stroeher, Steve Olfers, Betty Olfers, Rebekah Hyatt

September 2019–In August, staff from SystemsGo distributed Certificates of Appreciation to business partners who helped support the 2019 launches.

Hill Country Pump Service: Duane Neffendorf

These launches would not be able to happen without the volunteer and in-kind support from hundreds of individuals and dozens of businesses and organizations. It has become a massive logistics operation. SystemsGo now facilitates 78 high schools launching more than 150 rockets at four launch sites in two states. The launches take place on 10 days spread over four weekends.

Bee Creek Internet: Amando Rodriguez

The students, teachers, and staff involved in SystemsGo appreciate all the support as they work toward becoming the innovators of tomorrow.

All-Ways Hauling: Aaron Cox

Sponsors, partners, and service providers for the 2019 launches include…

Class A Rentals: Alice Clark

AgPro: Justin Gellman

Central Texas:

  • Ag-Pro
  • All-Ways Hauling
  • Bee Creek Communications
  • Class A Sales & Rentals
  • Hill Country Pump Service
  • LBJ National Historical Park
  • LCRA
  • Praxair Welding Gas & Supply
  • Segner Family Ranch
  • Stonewall Chamber of Commerce
  • Stonewall Volunteer Fire Department
  • Stroeher & Olfers, Inc.
  • Texas Concessions

George’s Wine Tour: George Burns

Southeast Texas:

  • Jeri’s Seafood – Jeri Nelson, Tracy Woody, Justin Woody
  • Smith Point VFD
  • Oak Island/Double Bayou VFD
  • Anahuac Fire & EMS – Bradley Gates
  • Sheriff Office Chambers County – Sheriff Brian Hawthorne, Deputy Sheriff Rick Davis
  • Chambers County Commissioners – Larry George, Grant Smith – Tables, Chairs, Dumpsters
  • TARGA (Ken McGraw – Tents & Portapots)
  • Eagle Can (Porta Pots) – Billy Morris
  • Anahuac ISD – Shuttle Service – James Hopper Superintendant
  • IMS (Internet Management Solutions) – Robert Parker
  • Caterers – The Bennetts  (David & Margaret), Chuck & Gina Kelly
  • Light Set – David Bennett
  • Gene’s Polaris – Ranger ATV – Gene Anderson
  • Texas Parks & Wildlife – David Vannoy, Daniel Pope
  • Alpha SAR
  • Coastal Welding Supply – Terry Cook – Liberty Texas
  • Jeannie Kranz – FAA Support
  • Mike Geiger – Houston TRACON – FAA Support

Katy Keenie and Ian Diaz of Nextlink

David Barret and Brianna York of Waste Connections

North Texas:

  • Anahuac ISD
  • Anahuac EMS
  • Alpha-SAR
  • Chambers County Parks Department
  • Chambers County Sheriff
  • Eagle Can
  • Houston TRACON
  • Internet Management Services (IMS)
  • Jeri’s Seafood, Inc.
  • Praxair Welding Sas & Supply
  • Smith Point VFD
  • TARGA Resources

Randy Truman of Praxair Bridgeport