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July 1, 2022–Students on two teams out of 150 achieved Award Banner performance levels during this year’s Rockets2022 launches, the annual culminating event in the SystemsGo STEM education program.

The teams are:

Gary HS

Gary High School
Tsiolkovsky Level Award
1 lb/1 mile achieved 5092ft
Instructor: Samantha Kennedy

Marble Falls HS

Marble Falls High School
Oberth Level Award
Sky Lynard Transonic Flight achieved Mach 1.05
Instructor: Leslie Alexander

Each received a banner signifying SystemsGo’s top performance award at a public ceremony at their school, according to Rebekah Hyatt, Executive Director.

“The purpose of these awards is not for competition, but to recognize the ability of high school students to design, build, and launch a vehicle according to defined criteria,” Hyatt said. “Earning a banner also demonstrates the students’ dedication and hard work at achieving their goal. They and their schools should be very proud of what they have accomplished.”

The award is presented to students who met the following criteria:

Tsiolkovsky Gold/Silver/Bronze Award Criteria:

Gold Award: 5280’ +/- 100’;  max altitude range 5,180’ to 5,380’.

Silver Award: 5280’ +/- 250’;  max altitude range 5,030’ to 5,179’ or 5,381’ to 5,530’.

Bronze Award: 5280’ +/- 500’;  max altitude range 4,780’ to 5,029’ or 5,531’ to 5,780’.

Successful launch and recovery*, with data extraction.

Payload certified in Stage 2 by a Range Safety Officer to be one pound or more.

All criteria certified by designated Range Safety Officer.

Oberth Platinum Award Criteria:

Successful launch, recovery, and data extraction.

Maximum altitude less than or equal to 13,000 feet.

Maximum velocity greater than or equal to Mach 1.

All criteria certified by designated Range Safety Officer.

SystemsGo is a four-year STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) curriculum that uses project-based learning to stimulate workplace skills.

The program has been featured on NBC Nightly News, is endorsed by NASA and certified by The Space Foundation. It is now used in more than 50 high schools in Texas, New Mexico, Oregon and Colorado.

More information on the program is available online at www.systemsgo.org, via email at info@systemsgo.org, or by calling 830-997-3567.