Mission Statement

“To enhance education for better workforce development; and to ignite tomorrow’s innovators while developing the most valued engineering and manufacturing workforce to compete in the global market.”

Program Intent

Improve education in America by inspiring students, teachers, and administrators within the present educational system.  Motivate and equip high school students to develop 21st Century skills and pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Program Description

A four-year, sequenced, STEM curricula that meets Career and Tech Ed (CTE) course TEKS and HB-5 requirements and receives CTE funding.  Curricula covers introductions to the R&D industry and innovation; mechanical drafting/CAD for working drawings capture; and applied physics of main energy systems - mechanical, electrical, thermal, fluid - through design, build, and test projects.

Educational Approach

Learning primarily through application, not memorization.

Project-based teaching that engages all types of learners.

Knowledge and skills are reinforced and expanded through increasingly complex project goals.

The possibility of project failure, and its analysis if it occurs, is part of the learning experience.

Life skill development in problem-solving, critical thinking, cognitive reasoning, project management, team work, leadership, and R&D skills and innovation are incorporated.


The Texas Education Agency has approved SystemsGo for the fourth year science credit required for graduation.

SystemsGo is certified as a Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Provider for the State of Texas.

Endorsed by NASA, the Space Foundation, the Army, Boeing, SpaceX, SAIC, Texas Space Grant Consortium, Texas A&M, and TSTC.

Successes to Date

64% of SystemsGo high school graduates are pursuing studies in engineering.

SystemsGo alumni now work for NASA, commercial space companies, private space companies, the military and military/aerospace contractors.

75 teachers, across 50 schools, have been professionally trained to implement SystemsGo in their schools over the past nine years.

    Houston high school students earn top award for summer rocket launch24-Oct-2015

    Only second vehicle ever launched by high school students at White Sands Missile Range Oct 1..

    All SystemsGo for STEM Endorsement24-Feb-2014

    By Dr. Eric Wright - Fredericksburg ISD Superintendent Feb 24, 2014, 08:31 © Copyright..