Rocket Camps

Shoot for the Stars Rocket Camp!

Ages 8-13

NOTE: These camps are now only being offered in Fredericksburg during the summer. Call 830-997-7182 for details

Brett Williams, founder of the SystemsGo Aeroscience program at Fredericksburg High School, developed this camp to bring the excitement and education concepts to younger students.

Youngsters design, build, and fly their very own model rocket in only a few days.

This introduction to the exciting world of rocketry explains the world of rockets and aeroscience through simple lessons in Newtonian physics and rocket flight. Students learn the laws of rocket stability, fluid dynamics, and aerodynamics. They study stable rocket flight designs and ultimately design their own flight vehicle. Best of all, they actually build and launch each vehicle at the end of the course to show family and friends what they learned. It is the first step to the stars!

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